Professional singer player and performer, with an unlimited Genre offers pleasure to the listener.

In a child's oldest memory, my mother tells stories of how she remembers her baby boy singing since the earliest age of two, riding around on my tricycle bragging how I was singing before the old age of two years.

During those younger old age days my father always insisted that one of his children play music and sing since it was vested deep in his roots out of KY.  There I was buying my first guitar when I was six and my first bass guitar when I was 16 my love for all music has just kept growing. My mother sang in cortex and choir as a young girl and has multiple singers throughout her side of the Beverly family she encouraged me to join the choir at the age of eight and I was singing there until I was in my teens. I have a very versatile and broad range of vocals as well as a unique twist of musical likeness, I have written at least 50 songs that range from blue grass to country to rock 'n' roll blues Da Funk.. Feeling well liked and loved encourages my music, with a long List of Fans.

I believe and know I have all that I have because God gives it to me. Owing nothing to anyone and everything to Him for my accomplishments and commitments is a joy and a privilege.

Blessed to have a National Organization that is committed to the rehabilitation of Veterans named "Veterans Trust US", I plan to combine the two to express my love for God, Country, the People and music.

"Music is the love and light inside of you. It's the expression coming out to unleash the sound that makes the music." T.C. Country