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About TC Country

TC Country is a singer and songwriter in the Music business who owns and operates his own label. His musical talents are not limited to country music alone. He expands his talents into various other genre spanning over 50 years of the music industry.

His Story

When TC was six years old his father bought him his first guitar. He spent countless hours teaching himself with the help of family members. His mother took him to church and he sang with the congregation. The Deacon came to him and said "You're pretty good. Why don't you join the choir." He did and they originally brought him in as a tenner. However they didn't have a bass. So he sang bass as well.

When TC was about 13 or 14 years old he was asked to join a local band . As the lead singer they auditioned for a local talent show.

From there he went to sing in another band. They could never keep a bass player. The lead guitarist taught him how to play bass. While it was short lived, he learned a lot.

TC sang and played in various bands with school kids. After school he joined a Bluegrass, Gospel and Country band and was with them for 25 years. The last 7 they started writing their own music.

TC's first original song he wrote in 1980. In his career he's written and co-written over 30 or 40 songs with many more to evolve.

TC Country comes from deep roots of love of God and the Country that brought forth his Blue Blood Family of Beverly and Phipps; consisting of a long line of performing musicians and singers.